About Us

Welcome to Suraj Mani Engineers.
We are a successful Central Air conditioning company (in Bangalore since 2001 and with operations in many South Indian states) typically dealing with Tech parks, Hospitals, Hotels etc installing and maintaining equipment all the way from Imported Chillers,VRF’s, Packaged/Ducted & Precision air conditioning systems.
If you have asked around you should know that we are a Focus Contracting firm delivering quality HVAC projects and after-sales services  for various Indian and International brands, in India.
And if you are already one of our customers in Bangalore, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi, you already know that we are driven to deliver our best every time and that we enjoy a job well done.
It is our commitment to this simple working philosophy that makes our work respected and sought after by quality customers. We invite you to join this illustrious list of clients, architects, consultants etc who are increasingly entrusting SME the responsibility of delivering their semi-critical/critical projects

At SME, all of us keenly look forward to serving you and your organization and appreciate the opportunity to grow along with you.


Suraj Mani